Climate change, carbon footprint and linking resource list updated

Posted on 16-12-2011 by clive

The Carbon Partners project is trying to engage educators with teaching about understanding climate change and its implications, the need to measure and ensure a 'fair share' regarding carbon footprints and to promote good practice in school linking. To this end, we have produced a resource list to help educators under the three section of Climate Change, Carbon Footprints and School Linking.
Let us know what you think and suggest ones of your own.

Who is responsible for climate change? Interactive map + Durban Summit virtual & real

Posted on 09-12-2011 by clive

From Guardian online - different ways to look at who is responsible with useful background data + FAQs section.

Which nations are really responsible for climate change - interactive map: There are many ways to view the world's carbon emissions: by national totals or emissions per person; by current carbon output or historical emissions; by production of greenhouse gases or consumption of goods and services; by absolute emissions or economic carbon intensity.