Wow! Look at this graph!

Posted on 14-06-2012 by emily

We have been working with a group of schools in Rotherham and their partner schools in Pakistan and they have produced a fantastic graph showing all of their school carbon footprints side by side. The footprints range from 3.5kg (per pupil, per year) to 901kg. If it does not display, click on this link:

Free images for teachers

Posted on 07-06-2012 by emily

Practical Action is a UK-based charity that seeks to use technology to challenge global poverty. As well as some fantastic teaching resources, their website has a comprehensive gallery of images free to use for educational purposes. There are collections of images relating to climate change, renewable energy, recycling, transport, farming and water and sanitation.

Funding for school linking

Posted on 07-06-2012 by emily

The British Council has announced a new round of funding for school partnership work under the Connecting Classrooms programme. For a list of eligible countries, more information and application forms, visit the website:

The deadline for applications to the first round of funding is 20th July 2012