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Wow! Look at this graph!

posted 9 years 31 weeks ago by emily

We have been working with a group of schools in Rotherham and their partner schools in Pakistan and they have produced a fantastic graph showing all of their school carbon footprints side by side. The footprints range from 3.5kg (per pupil, per year) to 901kg. If it does not display, click on this link:

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Free images for teachers

posted 9 years 32 weeks ago by emily

Practical Action is a UK-based charity that seeks to use technology to challenge global poverty. As well as some fantastic teaching resources, their website has a comprehensive gallery of images free to use for educational purposes. There are collections of images relating to climate change, renewable energy, recycling, transport, farming and water and sanitation.

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Funding for school linking

posted 9 years 32 weeks ago by emily

The British Council has announced a new round of funding for school partnership work under the Connecting Classrooms programme. For a list of eligible countries, more information and application forms, visit the website:

The deadline for applications to the first round of funding is 20th July 2012

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Climate change, carbon footprint and linking resource list updated

posted 10 years 4 weeks ago by clive

The Carbon Partners project is trying to engage educators with teaching about understanding climate change and its implications, the need to measure and ensure a 'fair share' regarding carbon footprints and to promote good practice in school linking. To this end, we have produced a resource list to help educators under the three section of Climate Change, Carbon Footprints and School Linking.
Let us know what you think and suggest ones of your own.

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Who is responsible for climate change? Interactive map + Durban Summit virtual & real

posted 10 years 5 weeks ago by clive

From Guardian online - different ways to look at who is responsible with useful background data + FAQs section.

Which nations are really responsible for climate change - interactive map: There are many ways to view the world's carbon emissions: by national totals or emissions per person; by current carbon output or historical emissions; by production of greenhouse gases or consumption of goods and services; by absolute emissions or economic carbon intensity.

Make the Link Climate Xchange are doing a feature on Durban with resources to run a virtual climate summit, regular updates, chance to ask questions to a young person representing the programme at COP – Cat Hudson and guest blogs from journalist representing several different countries including one from the world bank!

Resources -

Spotlight on Durban / blogs / contact Cat -

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Two free training events 6 October + 10 November

posted 10 years 16 weeks ago by clive

DECSY is running two free twilight events related to the Carbon Partners project - download the flyer:

a) Eco-schools and the Global Dimension 4-6 on 6th October

Introduces ways of bringing a global dimension into your Eco-schools programme with ideas on
practical approaches, resources and support.

b) Climate Creativity 4-6 on 10th November

Explores practical, educational responses and resources on climate change both locally and globally in
schools using local case studies and innovative approaches

CPD sessions are available for free (subject to travel expenses outside South Yorkshire) until the DFID funding for the project ends in March 2012.

Evaluation from the Carbon Partners CPD session we ran at DECSY on 22 June shows that participants rated the session very highly and showed significant individual learning. Download the summary. To discuss CPD for your context contact Clive Belgeonne 0114-241-2756

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Everything you need to know about climate change...

posted 10 years 22 weeks ago by clive

Very useful new site from the Guardian. Sections cover: The Big Picture, Politics, Science, Technology,Emissions, Impacts and Ask your own questions.

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Carbon partners conference paper and presentation

posted 10 years 22 weeks ago by clive

Clive Belgeonne (DECSY) and Bev Booker (Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council) delivered a paper 'Developing Global Citizenship and Sustainable Lifestyles through Carbon Justice' at the UK Teacher Education Education for Sustainable and Global Citizenship Annual Conference at South Bank University in June. The paper is available at (second one down) and the presentation at (bottom on list - change last letters to ppt)

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Free Carbon Partners Training

posted 10 years 34 weeks ago by clive

A half day CPD session on climate change and the Carbon Partners model took place at DECSY on 22 June. It was very well received by the teachers who attended and several requested CPD for tbeir school or cluster. Carbon Partners is a new model for international school partnerships that is being trialled in South Yorkshire. The Carbon Partners model focuses on justice rather than charity and uses carbon footprinting to demonstrate the UK’s responsibility to take action on climate change.

The practical CPD session gives a chance to:
• Explore some of the current thinking around global school linking
• Understand climate change and the rationale behind the Carbon Partners model
• Gain practical advice on measuring your carbon footprint & calculating your school’s ‘carbon debt’
• Try out a range of teaching activities and resources to support the project.
• Hear from schools that have successfully implemented the model.

The session is aimed at schools /advisers who:
- have or are planning to develop international links
- want to move their link from a charity to a justice focus
- are looking to bring a global dimension to their Eco-schools/Sustainability work

This CPD session is free to schools in South Yorkshire and can be run subject to availability and expenses in other parts of the country. To find out more about this session, please email: or telephone 0114 241 2750

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Overconsumption vs Overpopulation

posted 10 years 39 weeks ago by emily

An interesting article by Fred Pearce about overconsumption by rich nations having a far greater impact on global carbon emissions than overpopulation.

Some quotes:
"Stephen Pacala, director of the Princeton Environment Institute, calculates that the world’s richest half-billion people — that’s about 7 percent of the global population — are responsible for 50 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Meanwhile the poorest 50 percent are responsible for just 7 percent of emissions."

"The carbon emissions of one American today are equivalent to those of around four Chinese, 20 Indians, 30 Pakistanis, 40 Nigerians, or 250 Ethiopians."

" extra child in the United States today will, down the generations, produce an eventual carbon footprint seven times that of an extra Chinese child, 46 times that of a Pakistan child, 55 times that of an Indian child, and 86 times that of a Nigerian child."

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