Participating Schools

Aston Academy

Aston Academy is a large secondary school in Rotherham with specialist status in Maths and Computing. We have 1730 students from years 7-13.

636kg / student

Makunduchi Secondary School

Makunduchi Secondary School is located in a large village in the South of Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. The school...

9kg / student

Birley Community College

Birley Community College is a large secondary school in the south-east of Sheffield with 1205 students from years 7-11

489kg / student

Pwani Mchangani School

Pwani Mchangani School is located in a small coastal village on the island of Zanzibar in East Africa. The school has 800 students from ages 12 to 19...

7kg / student

St. Catherine's Catholic Primary School

St Catherine’s is a Catholic Primary School in Sheffield with 410 pupils.

443kg / student

Niza Trust School

Niza Trust School is in Choma in southern Zambia.

5kg / student

Meadow View Primary School

Meadow View Primary School is located in Kimberworth, Rotherham

529kg / student

Chavuma Basic School

Kalulushi is in the Copperbelt Province in North Central Zambia.

5kg / student

Winterhill School

Winterhill is a comprehensive school in north west Rotherham, South Yorkshire. We have Specialist Technology College status.

901kg / student

Government Girls Secondary School

The school is in a rural area of Kotli in Kashmir, Pakistan. It is an all girls school from age 5-16. The primary schoolchildren pay a fee of 6...

50kg / student

Oxon CE Primary

Oxon is a Voluntary Controlled Church of England Primary School. The school first opened in 1860 on a site next to the current parish church on the...

451kg / student

Kamukuywa ACK Primary School

Kamukuywa is an Anglican Primary School with close links to St James’ Church bordering the school grounds. The school is located in a rural setting...

5kg / student