Who is responsible for climate change? Interactive map + Durban Summit virtual & real

Posted on 09-12-2011 by clive

From Guardian online - different ways to look at who is responsible with useful background data + FAQs section.


Which nations are really responsible for climate change - interactive map: There are many ways to view the world's carbon emissions: by national totals or emissions per person; by current carbon output or historical emissions; by production of greenhouse gases or consumption of goods and services; by absolute emissions or economic carbon intensity.

Make the Link Climate Xchange are doing a feature on Durban with resources to run a virtual climate summit, regular updates, chance to ask questions to a young person representing the programme at COP – Cat Hudson and guest blogs from journalist representing several different countries including one from the world bank!

Resources - http://www.mtl-cec.org/exchange-groups/climate-change-issues/climate-sum...

Spotlight on Durban / blogs / contact Cat - http://www.mtl-cec.org/young-people/spotlight-on-durban.html